: the copyright holder :

I need to make one thing clear.

I don't own your copyright. I don't have your permission to use your writings as I please. Any materials you produce while hosted on this domain belong to you, the hosted party. They are at no time transfered over to me or anyone else on this domain. This domain is to place a hostee's talents on display, and this is done with contests and through the hostee's personal webpage. At no time do I have any ownership right to these things.

It's important that I bring this up because I realize that there are two types of writers out there. There are those who just enjoy writing and see it as a merely a hobby, and then there are those who are seeking to be published in the near or distant future. With the latter the problem lies here: A few publishers these days feel that if your work has been previously posted on a website (such as an e-zine, blog, etc), it is considered published and unusable. The reason for this could be because some e-zines or sites will own a license in your work, ie., the exclusive right to display your writing for a certain amount of time. There could be other reasons. Licenses are legitimate. I can't speak for the rest.

The point is the internet has afforded access to writers we wouldn't have discovered by regular means, and it has allowed the creation of writing communites. How else can we foster and grow as writers if we can't share our writings for others to comment and critique?

All I can promise is a community. You will find writers here. We like to challenge each other, and we like to compete. We also like to learn so that we can become better writers and maybe one day we'll get published. Have you made your choice yet?

And if you thought this was about how to copyright your writings, don't dispair. It's quite simple, really. The copyright is created the minute you create your work. To finalize just add the following: © YOUR NAME 2004. All Rights Reserved.

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