: how to join :
Let's be honest, shall we. I host writers. Not fan pages, cliques, cam sites, journals (by themselves), etc. If you're still reading this page, then it means you're curious, or maybe you're serious about writing, or at least thinking about it. To be hosted at blackglass.org you must be a writer/poet and I have to like your writings.

So what is it exactly that I'm expecting? Please continue reading.

- Well written poetry, short fiction, essays, etc. None of this, "Roses are red, violets are blue, my raven is dead, and so are you." I realize your boyfriend said it was the most amazing thing he had ever read, but he was lying.

- You must be at least 16. You lie about your age and I will kick you out after telling your mommy.

- Your writings should be the bulk of your website. Everyone wants to be a digital artist. That's all fine and dandy, but do it somewhere else. This is a writing community and if you want to show off your growing skills, do so, but I want to see your writing skills upfront and center first. If they aren't on display then you won't be on display.

- Sites must be viewable in a current generation browser ie, Netscape/Mozilla and Internet Explorer. I would prefer if you'd make your sites compatibe in as many browsers as possible, but it's not required.

- No satanic, pornographic, offensive, or discriminative material.

- You must participate in domain activities, including the member's area, forum, or writing center.

I have the right to terminate hosting at any time if you fail to follow any of these guidelines.

If you think you qualify then fill out the form. Be sure you answer everything and be as detailed as possible. Please, serious inquiries only. I don't want to find out that you've applied elsewhere because that shows to me that you're just looking for hosting and aren't interested in the goals of the domain. If I do find out that you've applied elsewhere (unless it's another writing oriented domain) I will throw out your application.

I try to answer all submissions in about two weeks. If I don't get back to you right away it's not because you've been rejected. I reply to everyone out of common courtesy, which means I expect the same in return. If I reject your application then deal with it. If the form doesn't work send your application to admin(at)blackglass(dot)org with the word 'hosting' in the subject line.

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