: art in the process :
This domain is about writing, so where the hell is it? Here, there, and it helps to look at the hosted sites. Really, they're quite wonderful writers.

Here's the nitty gritty. I like to show off my hostees, and I like to invite others to try writing as well. The whole purpose of this section is to introduce you to both, the elite and the potentials.

Every month I try to hold a contest in the member's area for my hostees. The purpose is to challenge them to write about subjects or phrases they haven't tried before, and of course the experience is meant to be fun, and I'm told it helps kill the writer's block monster. The contest itself consists of five themes or challenges and member's have a month or two to submit as many entries as they want, poetry or short fiction, and even some nonfiction. At the end of each period everyone votes to choose the four or five best written entries, which I display in the following sections.

Members are also given the opportunity to display their new writings for critiques in the member's area. I decided that one of the entries in this section should also be included, so look for them as well.

The reason for the challenges is two-fold. It gives the hostees an opportunity to challenge themselves, and it gives you, the visitor, a chance to read some new and nifty stuff. Seriously, what's the point of having a writing domain if there isn't some writing on display? And if you like what you read then please send the writers feedback.

There's also a new section that ties in with the challenges. It's a contest that is open to anyone willing to try, and yes, there is a prize. For further details look around.

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