: the domain :
This is the typical 'about' page, except I'd like to give it a little twist. Basically, I ramble about how this is a wonderful domain, and how the visitor, will have the pleasure of discovering what the domain has to offer.

'Blackglass.org' is a project and brainchild of mine that started August 7, 1999. It's a place where I host novelists and poets who are either unappreciated for their talents or don't have an appropriate venue to place their writings. 'Blackglass.org' focuses on the writers, their talents, and the quality of their creative works. They are the men and women who would rather be appreciated for the quality of their skills rather than the poorly written or formulistic trash seen online or even on the shelves of your neighboorhood bookstore. This site is a haven for writers.

It's a haven for readers as well. Why? Because I make it my business to host the best, and this is what can be found here. There's nothing more frustrating than finding what seems to be an enchanting story promising angst, horror, and a dash of romanticism, only to discover that it's drivel. Granted, one person's trash may be another's treasure trove, but there is a difference. The writers on this domain are determined. Their passion is writing, and their talent bleeds from every word typed, every sentence fought over in one of those late night battles with the writer's block. They're here because they enjoy writing, and they write well. The focus of the writers is to improve their writing, and to share some of these experiences on the net. The domain gives me the opportunity to share their creative writings with whomever happens to stumble upon our little community.

There are no promises that anyone will be discovered here, but the plan is to attract as much attention as possible so that other readers and writers on the net will come and see what is here. Let them find how this domain has grown and turned into the community it is now. Let them discover individuals dedicated to their work, and enthused about learning how to grow both as people and as writers. Most importantly, let them see that censorship has no home here. We're an open minded bunch, and we plan to stay that way.

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