Oops! This page has gone missing. If you find it will you let me know?

Tradition has it that pages will come and go. What can I say, the internet is a fickle place. But do not dispair fair internet surfer, you have some choices!

Where to find past hostees:

bodhi - blue.blackglass.org
distancia - mindict.org
ironicaura/luna - tsarinaczarina.net
whispers - is here but she'd rather you ask her about her new place than have me kiss and tell.
yaoi - Yaoi no Hentais is no more.
artiste - Artiste was discontinued.
fire, sywren, seraph, lluhmas, nixredew, ashe - Have all moved on to their own domains or other things. If I find out where they're located I'll link to them.

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